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DIY Retreat Guest: Shawn Fink

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Founder of
The Abundant Mama Project

Shawn FinkSelf-knowledge is a concept that often gets thrown out in awfully vague terms. But in this conversation, Shawn Fink and I venture deep into the specifics of what it is, what impact it has had in her own business at Abundant Mama as well as for her clients, and how she continues to actively cultivate it.

What she shares is powerful: her self-knowledge allows her to show up with 100% integrity and realness her business (yes, in marketing, too), and to build community around her mission – made up of people by whom she wants to be surrounded.

The tools she offers for that purpose are super accessible. If you can carve out 15 minutes in the morning and time for a walk around the block in the afternoon, you’ll be able to integrate them into your day. And it will be so worth it.

Shawn shares…

  • A detailed look at the boundaries she has set to keep work from overtaking her life.
  • The process she shares with her clients who feel like they have lost track of who they really are and what’s important to them (not unheard of among busy entrepreneurs and mamas alike!)
  • A simple and effective tool to bring a sense of abundance into your life and biz.
  • Practical inspiration for a morning routine that will imbue your day with clarity and leverage your natural creativity phases.
  • A real-world compatible mantra that will get you through those days when we’re doubting whether we’re doing enough or the right thing.


About Shawn Fink

Shawn Fink is the founder of The Abundant Mama Project and the author of “The Playful Family” and “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.” She is the mother of twin girls, Jadyn and Liana, and a family wellness coach for mothers around the world. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post,, Scary Mommy, and The Shriver Report.

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This conversation is featured in the New WoW DIY Retreat: Calm, Clear, Confident.



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