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DIY Retreat Guest: Tara Gentile

DIY Summit

Creator, Quiet Power Strategy™

Tara GentileI’ve been in Tara’s sphere for a couple of years now and have always admired the way she goes after her ambitions with laser-focused clarity and integrity. When I asked her in this conversation how she does it, she went straight to the heart of the New WoW methodology: the identity you envision for yourself in life and biz. She also offered immensely practical insights on how to work with the challenges that arise as you begin to evolve into that identity. Awesome!

Tara herself has used the strategies and mindset shifts she shares to grow her own identity from freelancer to service provider to CEO, from business strategist to owner of a training company, from someone who brings in a couple extra hundred bucks a month to someone who runs a purposeful million dollar company. If you’re ready for an inspiring sky’s-the-limit mentality grounded in deep empathy and a sense of community, listen in!

Tara shares…

  • A hands-on exercise for beginning to infuse your values into your biz.
  • Realistic advice for overcoming that feeling of not-ready-yet.
  • An up-close look at how she used her Living Room Strategy to grow her own signature training program from a series of small, intimate gatherings (completely doable for your next project!)
  • Clear direction on how to work with your fear of rejection as you embrace who you are and what you truly want.
  • A powerful perspective shift that will change the way you think (and feel!) about marketing and sales. Less struggle, more connection.


About Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is the creator of Quiet Power Strategy™ and the founder of CoCommercial, a company specializing in hands-on business training for idea-driven entrepreneurs. She’s passionate about helping people with smart ideas make more money, reach new audiences, and live life with ease. Tara is the author of The Art of Earning, Quiet Power Strategy, and The Observation Engine.

Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and in the New York Times bestselling book The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and marketing all over the world.

Listen in the DIY Retreat

This conversation is featured in the New WoW DIY Retreat: Calm, Clear, Confident.



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