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The Declutter Clinic — Get support, make cash.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some prompts to Spring Clean your space.

They were simple prompts — they weren’t a step-by-step walk through. They didn’t get down and dirty with the issues and emotions that can come up when you take on your Stuff.

Nor did they suggest that you can make moola with your stuff. And I’m not going to tell you that now — instead, my dear friends Betsy and Warren Talbot will.

Declutter Your House

You went into business for yourself to control your destiny… but you’re feeling kinda cramped. What’s up?

If you’re looking for space for your solopreneur business, an influx of cash to fund a new project, or even a bit of sanity as you combine your office and living space, the Decutter Clinic can help.

Within 4 weeks you can:

  • Create a zone of creativity to produce your best work
  • Use the cash from your unwanted items to fund a new project or investment for your business
  • Regain your living space so that time away from work is truly away
  • Money is always an issue for a small business, so they’re giving you a money-back guarantee that you’ll make at least the price of this course if you follow their instructions to sell your unwanted possessions. (Many students have reported that they made thousands of dollars or Euros this way!)

Besides being full of personality, Warren & Betsy are small business owners, too, so they know all about the time, space, and money crunch that is always top of mind.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this offer to help you gain back much-needed space in your office and schedule, while being kind to your wallet!

Click here to register for the next session of Declutter Clinic.

Next course begins May 1st.

Declutter Your House

Note that I’m a Huge fan of these two and am a proud affiliate of their Declutter Clinic.

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