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How physical clutter hijacks your mind and steals your brilliance


Your brilliance comes forth in the innovative solutions you bring to situations in your sphere of genius.

(Scenario) There you are, working on a challenging project. You can feel a solution coming. You can feel the spark ready to burst into flames. You’re walking around in contemplation mode. Wait for it, wait for it… “

“Ick, that green pillow is so freaking ugly!”

Your mind is looping for the hundredth time the wall color that the pillow actually looked halfway decent with but even then you weren’t thrilled with it. One of these days you’ll come up with a color palette for this room — Hello?! Where are you?? Ack! Spark OUT.

No matter how good you think you are at multi-tasking (and studies have shown that the people who think they are best at it actually perform more poorly than they think they do), you cannot think two things at the same time. Try it if you don’t believe me. (Caution: don’t blow a fuse trying it.)

What you can do, at best, is jump back and forth between two thoughts. But WHY? Why waste your precious brain juice performing unnecessary mental acrobats? Why waste your precious brain juice on that ridiculous pillow? It’s not worth it!

Your mental energy is such a precious resource and one of your primary jobs is to protect it.

Thus, back to the stuff that no longer serves you, that has become clutter.

Every Thing has a life cycle. When it’s new in your life — it’s Awesome! Then it does its thing. Then it reaches the end of its life cycle in your life, Then it starts talking to you

“Ugh, I have to get a new blade for that blender.”
(Yah, for like, the last five years.)

“Grrr, I hate having to push and shove all the towels into the closet.”
(Uh, you probably have enough towels to supply the local Motel 6.)

In other words, spontaneous, distracting thoughts in your head.

Now then. If the stuff in your space is talking back to you, then it’s time to Declutter. Purge. Clear the slate. Tabula rasa. Wipe off the whiteboard. Windex the glass. You get the picture.

I totally get that this is something that it’d be great to get help with. Who wants to take it on by themselves? But then, who wants to pay a bunch of bucks to bring someone in?

Guess what. Help is here. My dear friends Betsy and Warren created an The Declutter Clinic.

They recorded videos and made worksheets to help you get through the process. Not only that, they show you how to make cash with your stuff that not only recovers the cost of their course, but can contribute more moola to fund your bucket list desires.

They decluttered their own lives and then proceeded to travel the world for four years. In fact, I met them in Mexico two years ago and then spent time with them in Spain this past winter. They down-sized down to two backpacks — they know of which they teach. (Don’t worry, they aren’t going to push that kind of extreme-sport decluttering on you.)

Declutter-Clinic-squareYou’ve got important things to contribute to the world. We need your brain. We need you showing up in your Presence. We need you tapped in to the brilliance that is yours to bring forth. Get rid of the clutter once and for all.

The next Declutter Clinic begins May 1.

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