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The New Daily Dispatch

What is this?

A new series showing behind the scenes at the Natural Professional for realizing goals and visions. It’s inspired by Austin Kleon‘s strategies in his book, Show Your Work.

It’s easy to look back and say, “hey, just do this — that’s all I did!” which doesn’t show the wins and challenges along the way.

In this Daily Dispatch, I’ll give you an honest glimpse of real life progress.

Sometimes it’ll be video, sometimes it might be just an image on Instagram.

Whatever the format, I’ll try to keep it short and will be sure to make “useful” the key theme. Learning from another’s experience can be just the thing to keep you on track and making progress on your own important work.

I’m really looking forward to sharing in this way and would love to hear whatcha think. Shoot me a message here.

More credit where credit is due.

Many moons ago, Lance Brown tried to convince me of the wondrous benefits of (at least) weekly video updates and even managed to get me going on a video series.

I got it going — for a while. I think I just wasn’t ready (maybe wasn’t ready for a lot of Lance’s great ideas!) Timing is EVERYthing.

And maybe I needed a slightly different slant that just wasn’t evident to me at the time.

What I so so so dig about this new iteration of a Daily Dispatch is that I finally see how it can contribute to creative expression AND content building AND community building (well, I’m taking Kleon at his word on that one =)

My job is to do Good Work on my own terms and put it out into the world. That’s authentic success.

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty vulnerable and insecure about this whole thing, but ya know what? It feels good. Growing pains usually happen before hitting a new plateau.

So here’s to growth, fun challenges, and creating like my hair’s on fire.


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