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Merry Christmas!


Painting by Douglass Truth

Let’s get merry, people. Actually, let’s make that a capital M for some major Merry making!

Friends and family are gathered, card games are being played, food is in the oven, truffles on the table, and shrimp dip is on the way (my favorite accompaniment to Ruffles and the one time a year I indulge). Oh, and the cat is crashed out on the couch.

It’s cold outside, frost dusting the lawn at 2pm in the afternoon. We are warm inside by the wood stove. It’s fairly quiet this year, no youngsters running around.

My heart is warm from gratitude. I’m here at my aunt and uncles outside Portland–safe, welcome and appreciated.

A wonderful juxtaposition to the unfriendly dorks who stole my purse yesterday while my friend Ellen and I were taking a walk.

Fascinating how someone else doing something immature and irresponsible can leave me feeling inadequate. “How stupid of me to leave my purse in the car!”

May they have a merry day as well. Watching the movie they rented on my credit card and eating the snacks they picked up at Safeway. Really now.

Did they get something for nothing? I think their conscience will catch up with them at some point. How can it not?

Wait! You got the wrong person!

At some point–unless they are 100% pure evil–which I doubt these guys are, they are going to want something a little better than what they have in the world, and that cannot be stolen.

It can, however, be lived. Lived in a way that blends harmoniously with others.

Being kind to others will invite more kindness into their own lives. Maybe they’ll make the connection between these, and maybe they won’t.

I, for one, am grateful that the damage was not greater and that I was with a wonderful friend who was able to take charge in the moment and keep her cheerful sense of humor. I’m grateful that while they may have taken my stuff, I recognize that I am not my stuff.

Religious and traditional I am not. When I offer the “Merry Christmas” I say so in this spirit: “May you be Merry. May you be grateful for all the gifts in your life, whatever form they come. May you revel in the love the world has for you that you may share it with others.”

All we really need is already here. Breathe it in. Remember your joy. Smile for no reason. Love the beacon of love that you are.

Merry. Merry to you, to them, to us.

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