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On Passion, Believing, and Standing Your Ground

P1000806You know you’re screwed when you start boring yourself.

I was screwed. The words meant to inspire natural professionals were doing nothing for me.

How to experience a rich life, a fun life, a Great Life. How to live with purpose, passion and peace…

A part of me read those words and said, “Yah yah, sounds good but I’ve heard it all before. But come on, life happens. It has ups, it has downs. Whatever.”

So much so that I wasn’t prepared to dig in my claws, hold my ground and insist, “This is the most important thing ever!”

Which is ever-so-slightly problematic in the Purpose, Passion and Peace Department.

To be all natural professional about it, you could say that I felt something was amiss but couldn’t put my finger on what that was.

And since the Universe unveils what needs to be seen when it needs to be seen, you can imagine my relief and gratitude to stumble upon what seems to have been the missing piece this past week (big bucket of ice dumped on head is more like it).

It’s not like I’ve been way off track or anything. And the unconscious mind, being the sneaky hint dropper that it is, has been going through cases of spray paint just waiting for me to see the writing on the wall.

Oh, dear, now I’m all self-conscious about the build up and whether it’ll be anti-climactic.

Jeez. (And you know that this kind of self-conscious perfectionism is yet another sign that you’re close, oh-so-close to whatever it is that makes your heart sing??)

OK, whereas I’ve been focusing on the end result (Authentic Success! A Rich and Awesome Life!), I’ve been downplaying the beginning state.

In the past we’ve talked about disorganization, clutter, lack of clarity… But these skirt the issue as they are actually symptoms, and not the problem itself.

Now, I’ve hinted at a dark and sordid experience that rocked my world about a decade ago. (No, I’m not going into details here, you’ll have to stick around for the full story.)

Even though I’ve known that there was something about that experience… That it would somehow factor in a really major way… That the story would somehow tie it all together… But how do I talk about it? How do I explain it in a way that makes sense? How do I tie it into my business?

Not-so-sidenote: In case you’ve been in denial as we shift into a more feminine world paradigm, know this to be true: Your Story is the most compelling way to help and connect with your people!!

Last week I had a session with Biz Coach (the very one who triggered the switch from Project Simplify to the Natural Professional six months ago), and my story about that experience came out, in its full emotional glory.

After Coach kindly sat quietly for a moment after my heart-wrenching outburst, he said, “Sometimes language doesn’t do the story justice. What image comes to mind when you think of that experience?”

That was easy and I told him (not ready to share that here).

“And what’s the image of you on the other side, having healed from that experience?”

That was easy, too, and I told him.

“Between those two, that’s Your Space. That’s the journey you help others make.”

OMG. I feel it. I get it.

Now before you get your panties all up in a bunch about my withholding the images, let me share the more important part which is what those images represent.

The first one, the painful one, the part I wish NO ONE to have to ever experience happened because I didn’t believe in myself.

Because of that, I let others walk all over me, didn’t listen to my inner voice, let others take advantage of me, felt completely inadequate for any and everything. Basically, I went through Hell.

This is why I do my work. This is the reason behind the Natural Professional. Because I know, from experience, what happens when we don’t believe in ourselves.

We act small. We cannot reach our potential. We are tight and stingy with our real gifts or we give too much. We pass it on to our kids. We share it with our loved ones. We stay in situations we don’t love or downright detest. We cannot feel free. We continually worry. We make short-sighted and bad decisions. We let others speak for us. We let others tell us what we’re about because we aren’t willing to speak up for ourselves.

And that is such a travesty!!!

A look at IrisBecause the world needs You.

**Being Big!**
**Realizing your Potential!**
**Feeling Free!**
**Living Courageously!**
**Helping others!**
**Being joyful and brave!**

This is the most important thing! For this I will dig my claws deep into the ground, snarl at those who try to get in my way, and will fight to the end for those attempting this journey. We will not be defeated.

You shine so brilliantly.
You are so incredibly beautiful.
Your spirit so fiercely strong.

Whatever it is that holds you back, whatever keeps you from believing in yourself, from standing tall and confidently… It’s time to let it go. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time for You.

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Photo credits: Shawn T

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