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The Heart in Freedom—Happy Fourth of July

P1020443Walking to the cafe this morning, we saw empty chairs lining empty streets in anticipation of the parade that will be passing by later today.

There’ll be marching Presidents (American Presidents of days gone by), service clubs, kids, and I don’t know. I’m not so into the parade scene unless it involves major amounts of percussion, costumes and wild dancing.

But today, a celebration of Independence Day is about so much more than the parade. We have much to be grateful for and…

I want more.

I want freedom from a corrupt banking industry. Freedom from insurance companies. Freedom from assholes. Freedom from bullshit wars. Freedom from petroleum dependency. Freedom from being villainized at airports. Freedom from all that other crap that’s been rightly called into question of late. Freedom from the status quo tainting government, policy and attitude.

I’m not alone. And it’s definitely not too much to ask, my friends.

We are so close. And there are so many efforts and projects full of people wanting the same.

I am also incredibly grateful for the freedom to express myself. Freedom to create my own business. Freedom to design my lifestyle. Freedom to choose my colleagues and partners (and they are awesome!) Freedom to connect with great peeps everywhere through the internet. Freedom to help others on their journey.

We do not have to choose between a functional, healthy society OR the economy. I have full faith in our ability, as a nation, to live authentically, cooperatively and with immense joy.

To this end, I will continue to encourage people to speak their truth and follow their dreams—for these are the people who are making it happen.

You never know when that one more person will be the one to tip the scale into critical mass. And we are soooooo close!

I’m in Susan Piver’s Open Heart Project Practitioner program and she sent this out this morning:

I am basically good.
All beings possess such goodness.
Knowing this, my heart opens.
When my heart opens, the world changes.

Doing a quick, and by no means comprehensive, search for the source of this, one of the top results was a blog post that author and meditation teacher Susan did a year and a half ago (which leads me to believe she is the source!)

Open your heart to change the world.

I am so grateful for this post as it gives voice to my own belief that the most fundamental and important thing I can do to help create a better world is be true to myself. To be good. To engage in a life of Service. To love fiercely and compassionately.
Susan is a beautiful gem in the sea of internet information. She brings wisdom, practicality, and open heart to the table for all to partake of.

For freedom, for You, read her post and if it speaks to you, give yourself the gift of signing up for Susan’s Open Heart Project (it’s free and I get nothing but the joy of knowing someone else will benefit from joining this online meditation community).

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