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Dan Portnoy

[08] Dan Portnoy: Riding (and surviving) the cyclical nature of creativity

Dan Portnoy is a marketing “fixer.” Mostly, though not exclusively, applying his skills to the non-profit world, he’s the one you turn to when your plane’s going down—meaning your ad campaign is failing or a launch fell flat. He’s an expert in translating a compelling message into multiple channels of communication—not an easy feat. Over […]


WDS Gems

“Whips, chains and black leather?” a waitress asked when I told her I was in Portland for the World Domination Summit (WDS). “No… Not this year, ha ha. But really, it’s for entrepreneurs, creatives and online biz peeps writing their own ticket, making waves and putting good work out in the world” was my description. […]


The Heart in Freedom—Happy Fourth of July

Walking to the cafe this morning, we saw empty chairs lining empty streets in anticipation of the parade that will be passing by later today. There’ll be marching Presidents (American Presidents of days gone by), service clubs, kids, and I don’t know. I’m not so into the parade scene unless it involves major amounts of […]

country roads

The Era of Struggle is Over

(originally posted on the Project Simplify site) Are you ready for an entrepreneurial revolution that’s fueled by you expressing your beautifully authentic self? No more playing small. No more Should Gremlins cramping your style. No more waiting for your time to come–it’s here. In other words… Are you ready for the era of the Natural Professional? If you […]


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