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wds2012-470“Whips, chains and black leather?” a waitress asked when I told her I was in Portland for the World Domination Summit (WDS).

“No… Not this year, ha ha. But really, it’s for entrepreneurs, creatives and online biz peeps writing their own ticket, making waves and putting good work out in the world” was my description.

That seemed to satisfy most people I told, but still, it felt a little odd being left to interpret the name of this conference for myself.

It’s really quite a masculine notion: to conquer, to exercise control over something/one. I mean, we’re moving into an era of collaboration—where does domination come into that?

That said, I’ve definitely been known to joke about dominating the world with the Good. And on occasion, I do appreciate that kind of energy stirred up by this notion whenever Fear reaches his steely fingers toward me or Courage is hiding in the closet.

As far as globally… I guess World Harmony Summit might not carry the same oomph?

Full event run-downs aren’t my forte and world traveler Jodi Ettenberg of wrote a great piece about the weekend: Untangling the Lessons Learned at WDS 2012. Thanks, Jodi!

What the rest of this post will be about Changing the World, of course.

You know how when you finally own your vision and commit to it, there’s this feeling that you’ve been playing with a toy shovel instead of moving mass with a bulldozer. Or cautiously dipping your toe in the water instead of diving in with a splash and a big “WaaaHoooo!!!”.

The experiences last weekend shined light on a part of me that’s been playing small.

I’ve been dreaming Big… But not talking and acting in a way to match that big vision.

I haven’t been Daring Enough.

I’ve been talking about working easier, being mindful, being honest with oneself and working from a place of Good. But what have I not been saying?

We are Paradigm Shifters. Straight up.

We already know that we’re fed up with the fallout of greed-based values promoted in our systems. There is no reason to continue accepting what the powers-that-be are dishing out.

Except that… We don’t know what to DO differently.

The awesome news: that’s great!

We don’t have to figure it all out, and in fact, we cannot. We don’t need to come up with some super complicated game plan. We don’t have to rack our brains for new and innovative solutions.

Shit, solutions for most of the ills in the world already exist. Gaining access to distribution and public support in the face of institutionalized propaganda is the issue.

Instead, it’s time to BE different. The paradigm will shift when we actively honor the values that we truly desire as human beings—those based on love.

When there is critical mass we will have achieved the shift.

Do you realize what this means? It’s merely a question of numbers. Of enough people committing to themselves, their families, their businesses, their communities that they are going to be in the world differently.

I had thought that my role was to help people orient to the new paradigm. How to be in the world differently—i.e. compassion, personal responsibility, respect, sustainability, and well-being serving as the foundation of any endeavor.

Here’s my own shift: my role is to support and inspire people to live the new paradigm.

I get to curate, cultivate and create the tools, perspectives, and strategies that will lead people to solid success and be in full integrity with their heart and the greater good.

What exactly does this look like? Shit, I don’t know. But here’s the cool thing. Rather than be discouraged by this lack of specificity, I see opportunity for collaboration—and I am thrilled about this!!!

What I do know is that the Natural Professional is a resource for camaraderie, support, and strategies. A place to bounce ideas, to explore values, to fan the flames of inspiration. A place to lick wounds when the going gets rough or discouragement strikes. A well-spring of practical wisdom.

And this is my starting point post-WDS. The seeds I’m planting are to support and inspire the Paradigm Shifters.

It will happen. Ben says so.

wds2012-880I’ve got $100 posted next to my monitor. The image of Ben Franklin and the four “100”s emanating the powerful energy of Faith, Courage, Permission, Encouragement as well as the unstoppable force of 1000 Fellow Change Makers dedicated to making a difference.

The money is from conference mastermind Chris Guillebeau, author of the $100 Startup. As the conference finale, he eloquently charged us to take action. To invest in what we believe in.

He then gave every paid ticket holder an envelope with a $100 bill in it (we’re talking a mind-blowing $100,000 investment in the attendees). I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this action of faith.

Whew. Not sure where to go after that. Every time I open up to the power of Chris’ gesture, I’m practically speechless. And then I think, what if this level of support were felt by everyone following their heart? Doing what they know to be true and right for them? Acting from a place of respect for the good peeps living across the globe.

That’s worth dedicating my life to.

I did this video a couple of days ago. It’s about the 3 (actually 4) things I’m particularly grateful for post-WDS. There’s also the practical part of maintaining the fire of passion.

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Photo credits: Armosa Studios
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