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Struggling with your small biz?

There’s no reason to go it alone, and heck, it’s faster and more fun to have someone cheering you on, isn’t it?

No more playing small. No more Should Gremlins cramping your style. No more waiting for your time to come–it’s here.

Let’s get to it!

Natural Professional Coaching

Work directly with Shawn to amp up the natural professional factor in your work life. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out Natural Professional Coaching.

Mastering Your 21st C Workflow

If clutter in your office is holding you up, then start with the free tutorials in the Mastering Your 21st C Workflow series.

Weekly RAP Session

This once-a-week group call helps you:

  • be on track with your goals,
  • be realistic about what you can do in the context of your schedule, and
  • get peace of mind knowing when important stuff will be taken care of.

Note: This is not a skill-building class per se. It’s a Doing session. More info on the RAP Session here.

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