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Dan Portnoy

[08] Dan Portnoy: Riding (and surviving) the cyclical nature of creativity

Dan Portnoy is a marketing “fixer.” Mostly, though not exclusively, applying his skills to the non-profit world, he’s the one you turn to when your plane’s going down—meaning your ad campaign is failing or a launch fell flat. He’s an expert in translating a compelling message into multiple channels of communication—not an easy feat. Over […]


[04] Molly Fisk: Caring for your art, your business, and yourself

Award-winning Molly Fisk has a unique insight into the journey as a creative entrepreneur. Her own entrepreneurial spirit has led her from sweater designer to banker, poet, teacher, radio commentator and now Skills for Change Life Coach. Listen in as she and host Shawn Tuttle talk about: marketing authenticity, building an online community, and setting […]


Why the old-school model of blind, quantity-based advertising sucks

I just picked up mail at my PO box. In it was a scintillating flyer with kid-style writing and goofy clip art enticing me to attend a course that will be coming to an area near me this year. Joy! Unfortunately for them, the mailer did not have the intended affect of inspiring me to […]


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