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[04] Molly Fisk: Caring for your art, your business, and yourself


Award-winning Molly Fisk has a unique insight into the journey as a creative entrepreneur. Her own entrepreneurial spirit has led her from sweater designer to banker, poet, teacher, radio commentator and now Skills for Change Life Coach.

Listen in as she and host Shawn Tuttle talk about:

  • marketing authenticity, building an online community, and setting marketing intentions
  • knowing yourself in terms of recovery time that enables you to stay in a place of productivity and creativity
  • how to listen to yourself in the context of making important decisions for your business
  • the professional and personal paths we take and how you can get pointed in a direction (even if you don’t know what you want to do)
  • having a mentor and seeing models of what’s possible

While accepting that life is often complicated and confusing, how do we make space for the “fierce YESes”? And what are the real costs of filling your time with random opportunities–even if they represent interests you believe in–do they lead to good or keep your wheels spinning in place?

We think that you’ll be inspired by Molly’s insights on knowing yourself, adapting to change, and surrounding yourself with supports as you follow your path to your most authentic you.

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Music credit: Reverie (small theme) by _ghost / CC BY 3.0
Image (of Molly) credit: John Hart

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