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How Spring Cleaning can propel you to awesomeness

Today’s video is about: combining mindfulness and Spring Cleaning with the intention of supporting Who you are becoming.

You can watch the video here, or read the transcript below:

Hello Natural Professionals!

I’m Shawn Tuttle at location independent World HQ, today in: Penn Valley, CA.

This is where we talk about designing your experience thru a new way of working.

Today’s video is about: combining mindfulness and Spring Cleaning with the intention of supporting Who you are becoming.

The 5 Ways we’ll look at are:

  • Your stuff
  • Your wardrobe
  • Your thoughts
  • Your actions
  • How others perceive you

Your stuff

Spring Cleaning is the perfect opportunity to go through each thing in a room and notice whether its lifecycle has moved from Useful to Clutter. You want the things in your life to elicit a feeling of Yes! I like that. These are the things that inherently support who you are becoming.

If something makes you feel bleck or you actually feel repulsed, then it’s not supporting who you are becoming. As you go through your space, freshening it up in the spirit of Spring, practice mindfulness to notice what responses are elicited within you as you place your focus on one item, and then the next and then the next.

Your wardrobe

Our clothes have such a big impact on how we feel! The seasonal wardrobe switch is the perfect time to purge the stuff that no longer makes you feel good. You aren’t the same person you were last year. Are you leaving space in your closet for new pieces that support and represent who you are becoming?

Just as you do with the stuff in your space, pay attention to what positive, neutral, negative responses feel like in your body as you pull each winter item out, and put each summer item in.

When you experience a negative, consider whether it’s time to let the sweater or shirt go. It’ll find a happy place in someone else’s closet.

Your Thoughts

Take advantage of the physical act of cleaning to be an activity to spring clean your mind, as well.

Practice letting your attention be on what you are doing right here, right now. The motion of the sponge in your hand, the movements of the vacuum on the carpet, the the bristles of the broom on the porch concrete.

When your thoughts stray to the past, the future, worries, something that someone said earlier—you can consider whether that thought enhances your mind space or clutters it up? And then bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Your actions

If you just despise house cleaning, spring cleaning and anything with the word clean in it, remember that you ultimately choose how you spend your time. And how you spend your time is a huge indicator of who you are becoming. So if you really have issues with cleaning, and it’s only going to give you serious grief, then invite gratitude into your life by giving someone else a job and sharing your appreciation with them.

How others perceive you

Team member Kathy shared with me that she doesn’t like cleaning her bathroom, but she loves to give her guests the experience of a cared for bathroom. And this goes beyond a clean toilet seat. She thinks about their entire experience: what cleaning products will enhance the smell, which soap they’ll wash their hands with, which towel they’ll dry with. This ultimately affects how her friends will interact with her—and she’s setting the stage for positivity.

Wrapping it up

Let the intention of supporting Who you are becoming be the theme of your Spring Cleaning this year.

That’s it for today.

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