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How this book project is going to roll

We–we being the epic Lance Brown (long time manifestation agent for Project Simplify) and I (I’m Shawn Tuttle and my manifesto of sorts is here), got this NP (Natural Professional) site up and going in a flash to facilitate this year-long adventure.

As the book’s outline stands today, there are three sections, with three chapters in each. Keep in mind, that nothing is carved in stone at this point. For a brief history of the universe as it relates to this book, click on “universe“.

Monthly summary
Each month we’ll go through a chapter. January is dedicated to Committing to Yourself.

I will introduce the subject, for example, here’s the January summary.

I’ll pose questions, request examples, stories or feedback.

The O word
One of the epic challenges for any project of this size is Organizing the info. After several conversations with Lance, I’ve decided on a forum to track subjects and questions. Each will be entered as a separate forum post, as will each month’s summary.

I think most people have experience with forums (for ex. sticking to the subject and playing nice with each other). I’ll provide guidelines if usage gets wonky.

Your content, in the book
Forum – Share your experiences and thoughts, give feedback, and answer questions. You’ll need to sign up in order to post. I swear your info is safe with me. Click here to go to the forum.

Small group session – Get together in Nevada City to discuss monthly topics.

Tele-Conference style session – Similar to small group session except open to folks outside of the area. (Requires a long distance phone call. Suggested: save your neck, use a head set.)

1-on-1 sessions – Meet with me to walk through subject. This is primarily for online course prep and developing worksheets.

Lance and I came up with a name for you. It’s long but true: The Inspiration Collective. =)

Let the adventure begin! Click here to go to January intro post.

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