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January – Committing to yourself

[Note: if you ended up here and don’t know what’s going on, read brief summary at “How this book project is going to roll“].


i. How you spend your time defines your life.
ii. Productivity is good, but not if you don’t care about what you are dedicating your time to
iii. This is about deciding not to settle, and putting your foot down and declaring, “I’m in charge!”

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Goethe

(Looking for more quotes. Post on forum if you have one.)

1. Forum discussion topic: Defining the Natural Professional

What’s a Natural Professional? Think of a time when you’ve “been in the flow”. A project may have come together seamlessly. Or maybe you were in “the zone” and kicked out an amazing quantity of work with total ease. Or maybe you made the right connection at the right time that instantaneously turned a mountain into stream. Your had a good attitude, didn’t overdo it, and felt on top of your game.

We love it when we are in this flow, but don’t necessarily know how to stay in it or get back to it. It’s a quality of experience rather than a skill set or habit.

How would you sum up this experience for yourself in a sentence? (go to the forum to respond)

2. Forum discussion topic: The Power of Commitment

You get things done and achieve goals when you know what you want. As long as there is wavering or vague exploration of options, anything can go, but, when you make a decision and strengthen it with accountability and support, anything is possible.

Think of a situation in which you decided you wanted something and committed to making it happen. How did you know that it was something you wanted for yourself? How did you narrow down on the specific goal? What did you do to stay on track toward that goal? (go to the forum to respond)

3. Simplicity Statement

This is loosely based on my article from 2007 (pre-Natural Professional), called Creating a Simplicity Statement. In this article I wrote:
What is a Simplicity Statement? It’s a personal declaration of what a simplified life means to you.

The revised version for this is: A Simplicity Statement is a personal declaration of what being a Natural Professional means to you and that you absolutely want for yourself.

Reasons to create a simplicity statement for yourself:

  • You can create and shape your life into anything you want. You don’t want to let it happen haphazardly.
  • To narrow the scope of possible course of actions. Stress often results from too many choices.
  • Encourages you to identify your real priorities (not just money or things).
  • Pushes you to clarify which values are really important for you.
  • Get specific in an area of your life that we don’t focus on much.
  • Calls attention to the non-material quality of life possibilities–these are the factors that play a huge role in your happiness and satisfaction.

Rather than ask for Simplicity Statements in the forum, I’d rather play with these in the small group sessions. (see below for dates/times)

4. Forum discussion topic: Inner work practice
If you have a visualization practice, or a life design method that you use, or do some other kind of internal work to help you manifest your goals, what are they? How have they helped in other areas of your life? (go to the forum to respond)

January dates: (RSVP for these via email. Yes, you! Until contact form set up here, you can email through the Project Simplify contact page.)
1/14/10 Thursday evening, 6:30-8pm in Nevada City. Limited to 6 people.
1/21/10 Thursday evening, 6:30-7:30 teleconference call (requires a long distance phone call)
TBD one on one session. Email if interested!

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