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Video: Energy Boost – Breathing for Sustained Focus

In my drive from Seattle back to home base in California, I listened to Tripp Lanier’s interview with Tony Schwartz on Tripp’s New Man podcast. (Me? No, I’m not a “New Man”.)

The following video (shot at some random exit off of Highway 5) was inspired by that conversation. Before the video, I wanted to share a little info that wasn’t easily accessible while driving.

Did you know our bodies—and, more importantly, our brains—cycle through energy reserves every 90 minutes?

According to Tony Schwartz, we have an energy cycle that pays off huge to honor–the ultradian rhythm.

To give yourself the best circumstances for a productive work day, he suggests that every 90 minutes we give ourselves a mini (or major) recharge. (More often is fine, too!)

This helps keep your focus from wandering all over the place and provides a great opportunity to reset/reconnect with your intentions.

If you are mindful of this energy cycle, you can plan short recharging breaks before you hit empty and reach for yet another cup of coffee.

From an interview/article on The Globe and Mail with Wency Leung, he says:

Humans aren’t meant to perform like computers, at high speed, continuously, for long periods of time, he says. Yet we routinely try to do so, neglecting our four key needs – our physical needs, met through fitness, nutrition and rest; our emotional need to feel valued; our mental need to control our attention; and our spiritual need to believe that what we do matters.

Yup, it’s long past time to switch our focus from Time Management to Energy Management (did you see my article Manifest your Soul’s presence with Energy Management)

This video shares some simple tips on recharging that you can do wherever you are. Say “Yes!” to increased energy and focus while taking care of yourself all at the same time.

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