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Walking the Talk at Blog World

I’m writing you from New York, JFK to be precise. This week is the Blog World Conference and yours truly will be in attendance.

There are all kinds of folks here who are “famous” in the blogging world: Chris Brogan and Brian Clark are two who I’m particularly impressed with. Human values-based business are at the core of their projects.

From the Natural Professional persepective, the people here who’ve “made it” big like Brogan and Clark, are those who have worked their butts off, have dedicated huge amounts of time and effort to growing their biz.

Since this seems to be what’s required–you don’t grow an empire working two hours a day–what does this mean for the person who desires purpose, passion and peace?

Which brings me to my intentions for the week.
1. To be as conscious about being a natural professional as possible. This means I’ll check in regularly to ascertain whether I’m in my heart space or not, and if not, to do something to get back in it.
2. To talk with people, and hopefully get video clips, soulfull and sustainable work.
3. To post short Natural Professional Reporting on BlogWorld videos to Youtube over the week. Here’s the first one from the airport last night:

4. Have FUN!!!!!!!

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