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Watching the Soul Connection get clogged and the effects of too much sake

Last night saw me imbibe more sake in one seating than I’d done for a really really long time. (Is bottom-less sake a “good” thing??)

Lucky for me, sake’s morning after consequences are fairly compassionate. So instead of feeling devastatingly destroyed, it’s just been a slow and mellow morning.

Interestingly, it’s given me the opportunity to observe the effects of thinking on my mindstate.

Kind of fascinating to get a different perspective on this thinking process that we live with all day long.

What I saw reinforced what I’ve known to be true but conveniently forget frequently: too much thinking is counter-productive. (Ha! I knew it!)

Here’s what I saw happen:
Having no desire to make breakfast for myself, I meandered down to the corner cafe and ordered a spinach-mushroom-egg on croissant sandwich and Earl Gray tea.

I’d brought my tablet to see what other people have been up to. Sadly, my first gen Nexus 7 is borderline obsolete at this point and it was taking for ever to pull up new content.

What was already queued up on the ole tablet? Ooooh, Danielle LaPorte’s monthly post round-up from April. No matter. Most of her posts are evergreen.

I hadn’t been to her blog for a while and I sank into a Danielle-Truth-Fest. Ahhh, felt so sweet. I love her writing. Succinct. Challenging, without putting on the offensive.

Already being in a relaxed and mellow mood, her words quickly cleared out my soul channel connection and my energy was vibrating in joy in no time at all.

In addition to enjoying what she wrote, I noticed that many of the posts were short riffs on a subject.

Hmmm, having the tendency to write epic posts, I end up writing None when I “don’t have time”. Danielle’s shorties felt light, spontaneous, fluid.

I was inspired. I was ready to ride that wave and pop out a quickie.

(Mental dialogue:)
Oh, I’m only half-way though my tea and I’m still enjoying it. Well, I could transfer it to a To Go cup — that is what they’re for, after all.

But I strongly dislike using disposables unless absolutely necessary. Too bad I didn’t bring my own mug. Didn’t think about it. I’ll just finish my tea then go back home to type something up.

(Sidenote: Wow. If you’re ever looking for a quick lesson in humility, write down your mental dialogue justifying a minor decision that seemed really important in the moment. And then share it with someone. Decidedly un-profound.)

So I kept reading other posts that caught my eye. Learned more about Periscope. Hmm, I should try that soon. Browsed some Lifehacker “productivity tips” ” (read: get distracted tips). Looked up timing for tonight’s full lunar eclipse.

All the while, my inner observer noted the channel to my soul clogging up. The inspiration to write and create fading.

The disparate thoughts triggered by everything I read were luring my thoughts back to a decidedly-unrelaxed, jump-around state. I noticed that the mindstate was tiring.

And when your energy is already low after drinking decidedly too much sake… well, that makes it really easy to say, “I’ll write something another time”.

No biggie, right? Wrong.

Why? Because look at what just happened: Creative work got sacrificed to reading about random shit. That’s not cool.

My deepest satisfaction comes from Creating. From diving within and interpreting what I find into another form. Putting fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper and letting that something mysterious flow through me.

To knowingly sacrifice that yumminess to a scattered, tiring mindstate is disheartening.

Since the awareness was there, I came home after finishing my tea and typed this — which I’m pretty stoked about.

While it’s not a super shorty, it’s not too long, it has nuggets of wisdom for you. I’m not going to hassle over it, just get it posted.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Use disposable cups? Ha ha. And No.

Getting into a soulful space and getting inspired is a delicate situation. Your soul’s communications and intentions needs space. Space to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.

As soon as that practical mind kicks in… forget it. It’s like a bull in a china shop. A steamroller in a flower bed. A fart in the bathroom. It overpowers whatever sweetness was lingering.

When you notice yourself in a good groove, Gratitude! and see if you can roll with it a little longer. What action (or non-action) would allow you to stay there a little longer?

Maybe it’s to pick up your pen in inspiration. Maybe it’s just to gaze out the window instead of reading another “useful” tidbit of forgettable information. You’ll know when you tune in.

And now, I’m signing off so that I can get a quick nap in before drum class =)


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