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How to make tough work easier by managing your energy

You know how to work. That’s not the issue. The issue is bringing forth your best and most important work with the least friction.

The path there can be more than a little surprising — and it’s what the New Way is all about. Here’s an example of how shifting my personal energy played a huge role in transforming a sticky, resistant, chunky project into putty in my hands this week.

About a decade ago a vision popped up in my mind’s eye of me up on stage speaking.

I joined Toastmasters, led some sessions at conferences, and then let the role of leading my workshops fulfill the desire (i.e. it kinda dropped by the wayside).

Apparently that was not OK in the Soul Dept. as the Vision has re-emerged with a she-bang!

T’would seem that sharing my ideas on people’s podcasts and via in-person events is going to be a significant part of my outreach in the coming years. Yeehaw!

Convinced that a well-developed signature speech would easify matters greatly, I got to work writing one. After several, very futile attempts to putting one together (I have WAY to much to say!!) I realized that I was stuck.

My old, lone wolf response to being stuck was: “I’ll figure it out with time”.

And… I’ve had a change of heart in the last year. The time for this work to be in the world is NOW.

Having finally acknowledged that my lone wolf tendencies are hindering the manifestation of the Vision I have for my biz, I’m working with a new motto that goes something like this:
Ganesh remover of obstacles

Go Forth, Kick-ass, and Have Fun!
When obstacle in the way, Get Help NOW!
Not in 6 months… Now!!

Signature speech at a standstill, I called “Obstacle! Help!” and called in reinforcements. This led me to Communication Rebel’s Dr. Michelle Mazur, the brain and wisdom behind the Speak for Impact program.

We started working together in July. With her help, I narrowed in on a Big Idea, three points, and then got to work writing the 3 points.

Point 1 went Ok. Too long, but the info was there just waiting for editing.

Point 2 came together with ease. (Yay!)

Point 3… oh, Point 3, you rascal.

3 outlines and 3,000 words into it (for reference, I’m shooting for 700 words) and I’m still slogging as if through molasses. It was Hard.

You know what I’m talking about right? That project that just won’t come together? That About page that you can never sign off on? That client pitch that you come back to again and again never satisfied?

It’s important. You’re the only one who can do it. You don’t have all year. And it’s Hard.

This brings us to this week. My next appointment with Michelle was in less than 24 hours, and she wouldn’t let me postpone the appointment again, ha ha. Trapped!

I worked on Pt 3 again yesterday morning. I discussed it in a co-coaching session with a friend in the afternoon. I pulled it out again last night, when I was tired.

Predictably, nothing good came out of that late session besides a bad mood and this frustrated and resigned thought: I’ll just work on it in the morning before our 10am appointment.


This morning began with my morning routine, as it does every morning: stretching/yoga and meditation. I thought about skipping the next step, journaling (I had work to do!) but thought better of it.

The truth was, my mood was low. I felt… kinda numb, defeated and borderline pissy. I’m ready to get on the phone with Michelle and complain about what a pain it’s been, how it’s not coming together.

Not a good way to start the day.

Hoping that putting pen to paper would help turn things around, I did the Daily Welcoming practice that my dear friend Megan Roop shares in episode 15 of the podcast (link below).

One of the results of doing of the Daily Welcoming are specific takeaways re: what your body is wanting right now to be in a more happy, healthy, whole state of being today.

My takeaways all pointed directly to More Yumminess. I wanted more fun, more lightness, more Shakti a-flowin’.

Let me say something about the Shakti desire. For months I’ve been looking forward to being a guest on Lisa Schrader’s Shatki Salon which is coming up next week.

I’ve been listening to her other Salons, reading her articles and contemplating how our work is complimentary. Everything about Lisa vibrates Yum. Sensuality. Divine Feminine. Uber-Deliciousness.

This morning, checking in to see what my body was wanting today, the message was crystal clear: More. Shakti.

LOL, it was actually kinda funny. Here I am following my Vision of being a speaker, a self-expression that is going to be a big part of my life AND I’m totally sacrificing the experience of the journey — and my Inner Chica was having nothing more to do with that.

Inner Girlfriend made it loud and clear that No work would be happening before the 10am session and that a relaxed and yummy morning was the only thing on the agenda.

And so it was.

10am appointment rolls around.
I’m calm; ready; relaxed, right on time.
I’m confident we’ll co-create a sweet solution.
I’m in a Lovely mood.

We got straight to work without a complaint. =)

We edit down Point 1.

We clarify a few things in Point 2.

Then, in the last 15 minutes of the call we discover the cornerstone of Point 3 that had been missing up until then. It all falls into place. Woohoo!

Just like that. A hard, sloggy problem was transformed into a sweet solution in one fluid phone call.

Obviously, bouncing the ideas off of Michelle was a huge factor in resolving this challenge. The call was so successful, however, because of my state of being.

Frustration, dread and pushing through with irritation — these are constrictive energies. Creative solutions have limited space to flow forth here.

Alternatively, the act itself of listening brought light and space to my Being. Making the inquiry and following the answer to what else I needed invited yet more expansive energy with which to greet the day and my previously sticky Pt 3.

Managing personal energy is, in large part, about getting to know yourself more intimately. Your body is giving you information all the time — including what it needs to be in a lighter, more expansive space.

Here are two freebies to help you manage your personal energy. I hope you take advantage of them — and I’d LOVE for you to be on the line for my conversation with Lisa next Wednesday!!

  1. ToDo List Liberation: Put Your Wise Woman Back In the Driver’s Seat
    Wednesday | Sept 2 | 12noon – 1:30 Pacific
    Shakti Salon with Lisa Schrader
    Join Lisa Schrader of Awakening Shakti and me for this dialogue and learn how you can enjoy more sacred creativity, get more of your meaningful work done, and feel more aligned with your purpose.

    • Be subversive to stress and take a stand for your Shakti!
    • Reclaim the true meaning of “productivity” to support your most deliciously awesome self.
    • Keep your Wise Feminine in the driver’s seat so you can spend more time on what you love with more ease.

    Sign up here for Shakti Salon with Lisa Schrader.

  2. Authentic Success podcast: Megan Roop, the Daily Welcoming and the Great Stress Pattern Disruption (audio) Megan-Roop-img
    In the first part of this podcast episode (recorded in the closet underneath the staircase in my house) I talk about stress patterns, modern day tigers, and the sympathetic nervous system.
    In the second part, Women’s Coach and Retreat Leader Megan Roop shares with us her Daily Welcoming — a beautiful practice that supports your well-being and cultivates relationship with your own Wise Woman.

    Listen (and subscribe to podcast) here.

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