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Where are you sourcing your uniqueness?

Fruit saladSocietally, we honor things out there. Good deeds. Huge piles o’ money. Wild success.

And yet.

Those creations, and the fruits of creations, are sourced from within.

Their uniqueness comes from within, well, from observation of the stuff done before and then mixed with magic from within.

Steve Jobs is a perfect example. Think he was all about the stuff out there? “Well, he was a visionary” one might reply.

Of course he was. And why was he so good? Because he listened to an inner aesthetic and stuck to it like a tick hangs on to a dog.

And yet.

The inner journey is not honored in our society.

Very weird.

You might not be the next Steve Jobs; however, you can be the innovator in your life.

Go within. Listen.

Watch for the aesthetic that is uniquely yours. Then hang on for a wild ride.

Remember, no one can tell you what that should look like.

That’s entirely up to you.

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Photo credit: Fruit Salad by lisaclarke

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