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An easy practice to invoke Heart and avoid busyness

One of the issues with talk about productivity is that it’s usually not in the same conversation as your Vision.

Likewise, when there’s talk about Vision, people usually don’t want to get into the decidedly un-sexy topic of productivity.

Big Mistake

They need to be linked in order to continue to get the juicy inspiration into your actions on a daily basis. In addition, your Vision makes prioritization uber-easy.

I’ve been exploring ways to link Vision and productivity practically, and stumbled across a quickie and goodie this morning that I share with you in this video.

This short practice took less than two minutes and you can use it in several situations:

  • at the beginning of the work day,
  • to drop into a Creative work session,
  • to transition between totally different mindsets, or
  • when you’re feeling aimless or off purpose.

The benefits of staying on-purpose are huge. Not only do you get to enjoy more creative, meaningful work, you avoid wasting time on the insignificant and busywork that can suck up hours in the blink of an eye.

It’s a two-step process:

  1. Breathe and get grounded.
  2. Say a short invocation.

The wild card timewise, is the first step, getting grounded. The more practice you have letting your breath bring you back into your body, the faster it works.

Not only does coming back into your body relax you (which has the added benefit of allowing you to better connect with your intuition), it sets the stage for setting an intention, which is basically what the invocation is.

As for the invocation, it’s short. Here’s what I used:

May my head be in Service to my Heart.
May my Heart be in service to my Vision.
May my Vision be in service to the Greatest Good for all beings.

I encourage you to give it a try. Either use this one or come up with your own.

It can be any length that works for you. You probably want it short enough to easily memorize and long enough to feel the substance in it.

And of course, you can give it any flavor you desire. Think of it as another mindful energy management practice to design your day.

Remember that you get to be in the driver’s seat of your experience!


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