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How to give yourself a break while working

Managing your personal energy takes many forms: physical, mental, spiritual.

[06.05] In today’s Daily Dispatch, I talk a bit about the creative well that we spend down and refill — ebb and flow, the nature of life.

And what better place to be than at the Pacific Ocean, source of constant waves. In Carmel, California to be precise.

I’m not back out on the road per se (I’m still parked in Oakland, Cali with car and djembe drum–This out of town visit is in honor of a family friend getting married.)

So even though I talk about one of the ways to help recharge your creative energy without actually leaving town — it really is a perfect setting. You’ll hear the waves in the distance rolling and crashing.

Waves are such a beautiful reminder of natural flow. They don’t try. They just are. A constant, strong, unapologetic presence.

Being at the ocean always brings me back Home, although, honestly, I don’t always find its relentlessly crashing waves to be calming. I can’t help but be mindful of my presence, as if my wandering attention were somehow disrespectful to the majesty around me.

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