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Avoid the post-vacation blues

The Natural Professional knows that she has the most success, experiences the most enjoyment in her work, and provides the greatest service to the world when she stays in her power and presence.

During a typical day, it’s pretty typical for things to not be typical — another way of saying: Shit Happens.

Even when you start your day firmly in your presence, any number of things can push you to your limit.

Sometimes they’re big things — maybe a prospective client decided not to hire you.
Sometimes they’re small things — maybe Skype quality was uncharacteristically poor during a call you were really looking forward to.

Sometimes these are unpredictable.
And sometimes, they are totally preventable… like getting back into the swing of things after a vacation.

Smooth reentry promotes calm & confidence

In an appointment this morning, my client reported that she experienced the smoothest reentry after a vacation that she’s ever had — and it was because we had anticipated and planned for the factors that otherwise would’ve left her feeling chaotic and immediately behind.

The week before she left we anticipated what her needs would be when she returned and planned accordingly, primarily by adding buffer time to her schedule.

From a practical perspective, this is akin to making appointments with yourself for things like:

  • catching up on email
  • doing a comprehensive brain dump session,
  • unpacking, and
  • catching up with an assistant.

But just scheduling appointments isn’t enough because what it doesn’t take into account is allowing yourself the emotional space to land back home.

Here’s how my client addressed this (her idea, not mine): she and her family transitioned from the long hours of highway driving to being back home by taking an afternoon trip to the river. This just as easily could’ve been a leisurely walk.

I see this as syncing up your energy with familiar surroundings. As much as we’d like to deny it (who has time for it?!!?), we need time to transition between places and experiences.

Your mind jumps around much more quickly than your emotional body!

Two minutes now = power and presence later

I highly recommend drafting up your checklist Now, when these ideas are fresh in your mind. Taking a couple of minutes now will give you Huge benefit the next time you take a trip!

The hardest time to come up with this checklist is when you need it most, i.e. right before you leave for your trip. Why? Because when you’re in wrapping-up-to-get-out-of-town mode, you’re usually in a strong get-stuff-done mindset.

The get-stuff-done mindset tends to be high-energy and focus oriented which isn’t very conducive to contemplating and planning which appreciate more spaciousness.

So how about it? Pull out your favorite list-making tool and make a list of things that will support a calm and stress-free reentry from your next trip. Include :

  • catch-up actions (email, unpacking, laundry, housecleaning if you didn’t leave the house in a comfortable state),
  • getting re-oriented to your commitments activities (mind dump, Review and Planning session, check in with assistant), and
  • emotional transitioning and getting reacquainted with your space in a friendly way activities (for ex. going for a walk, leisurely dinner with friends, taking personal sacred time).

You many want to put a rough estimate of how much time you anticipate these wanting — though take care to stay free from the tendency to confine them in your schedule and thereby suck out their juicy benefits.

You’ve been hanging out with yourself for a while now. You know what you need, and what your tendencies are after a traveling. You can anticipate these. You can plan for these.

Remember: Staying in your presence and power isn’t a spontaneous occurrence.

Give yourself space and time to be the person you desire to be.


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