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[09] Shea Smith: embracing intuition as a business guide

Shea Smith, owner and founder of HAALo, a successful herb shop and alternative healing hub in Nevada City, California, didn’t start out wanting to be a business owner. She identified a need in the community, and through conversations, networking, and guiding intuition, HAALo began to unfold. HAALo is a true grass roots, community effort that […]


[05] Mandy Lucchese: Finding your Inner Guru

Are the desires to be a successful entrepreneur at odds with yogic principles? Or are there ways to redefine success and run business in a new way? Mandy Lucchese founded KinFolk Yoga in Grass Valley, California as a hub for health and happiness. Whether running the studio or teaching a yoga class, Mandy consistently shows […]


A Life Changing Cup of Coffee

(Note from Shawn: This was originally sent out in a New WOW update—sign up in sidebar—and I got such a positive response, I’m putting it up on the blog. Enjoy!) Whether you’re in a sour mood looking to lighten up, or in a good mood ready to blast off into bliss, there is a single […]


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