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[05] Mandy Lucchese: Finding your Inner Guru

Are the desires to be a successful entrepreneur at odds with yogic principles? Or are there ways to redefine success and run business in a new way?

Mandy Lucchese founded KinFolk Yoga in Grass Valley, California as a hub for health and happiness. Whether running the studio or teaching a yoga class, Mandy consistently shows up with heart, presence and integrity. She’s proving that a pure intention at the core of her business is good practice for owner, teachers, and students alike.

She’s more concerned with the well being of the person than with numbers… but a girl’s got to live, right? Is it possible?

This episode of the Authentic Success podcast inspires you to connect to your heart and live more deeply by:

  • Developing a business and a brand using images that invoke feelings
  • Being comfortable with where you are as a business owner (even if you don’t feel “refined” right now)
  • Setting intentions
  • Finding your inner guru
  • Embracing the parts of yourself that you aren’t proud of
  • Avoiding the seduction of your own suffering

In her conversation with Shawn Tuttle, Mandy addresses how accepting your own “unperfect perfections” gets you closer to your True Nature.

Relax, listen deeply, enjoy! The podcast is just the beginning of the conversation… share your thoughts, questions, feedback and ideas in the comments below.



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