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Relax into intuition. Get into the New World (with tags).

[06.02] Daily Dispatch When we talk about realizing your goals with calm and confidence, the conversation is usually Big — mindset, planning tools, clarity of vision, and so on. When you get right down to it, the most important guidance you can follow is already within you. You access it when you listen to your […]


Moving to a small town made me late to everything

Guest post by Kathy Frey In my life formerly known as urban (Pittsburgh, Boston and Chicago to be specific), cushion time wasn’t something that entered my consciousness–it was an innate component of unpredictable public transportation. I built commuting time into my day so I could arrive to work on time whether trains were fast or […]


Schedule tip: Minimize hot spots in your week

Scenario: At the end of the day, you’re frustrated and wondering “What happened?? You had all of your appointments carefully entered on the calendar, there was plenty of “white space” for the other things you wanted to get done and none of them happened! Where’d all the time go?” What’s typically happening—besides dealing with high-priority […]


Unexpected benefits in a pile o’junk

One of the sweet aspects about traveling is how easy it is to strike up conversations with people. When out of the patterns and issues of daily life, it just seems easier to be open to new people. The day my plane landed in San Francisco from Thailand, my sister picked me up at the […]


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