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A brief history of the universe, as it relates to the book

“The Book” has been brewing for more than four years. I remember my first get-to-know-you conversation with my sweetie Mark (three years ago!) at Summerthyme’s Bakery. I told him I was working on a book about “letting it be easy”. Over the next several months, being the kind, supportive guy that he is, Mark would […]


Merry Christmas!

Let’s get merry, people. Actually, let’s make that a capital M for some major Merry making!


Making waves in a big way

Don’t we all want to leave the world in better shape than when we arrived? (If not, this might not be the blog for you…) Let’s explore all the awesome and beautiful ways we can do that!

Getting the groove on.jpg

Time to get Groovy!!

Looking forward to my conversation with Colleen yesterday has transformed into gratitude for her pointed ability to cut the crap today. I requested an appointment to help unravel a knot I was feeling in the area of developing the Natural Professional identity. What a perfect conversation we had that got me pointed back to the […]


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