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These are likely affiliate links because I think they are awesome.

  • Evernote — a note management app
  • Dropbox — a cloud drive
  • 1Password — a password manager
  • MindMeister mindmapping online program. [Note: on the pricing page, at the bottom: Basic FREE, Up to 3 mind maps.]
  • Things — a Mac-only ToDo Manager
  • gQueues — an online-based ToDo Manager

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Open Office Q&A recordings

[To Download, Ctrl + click for Mac and Right Click for PC]

  • “Containing” the kinds of emails that your allowed to browse
  • Creating a week template based on regular activities
  • The relationship of Time Containers and folders that you set up in email
  • setting up mailboxes (folders in Mac Mail) on an account by account basis
  • Use of due dates in ToDo Manager
  • connecting Google Cal and iCal
  • removing the chat box in Gmail
  • Gmail doesn’t have folders
  • Having email skip the inbox and go to a specific folder
  • Setting up Categories and Queues in gQueues
  • Gmail gadget goof in gQueues
  • Setting up Tags list
  • Video series doing initial tour and set up of gQueues
  • Assigning tasks to someone in gQ — check out this video from gQueues on this subject
  • Applying mindsets to tasks in the ToDo Manager
  • Task Managers: OmniFocus vs Things
  • The difference between POP and IMAP email set up
  • Email clients
  • Managing non-Gmail email addresses in email (+good article on setup of this)
  • iCal and Google Calendar sync issues
  • How to deal with past blog posts–i.e. to index or not? And, bouncing off of this concept, what to do with current mess of files and folders on your hard drive when setting up a new, organized file system
  • Another option for list storage when the lists are primarily idea based. (Spoiler alert: Mindmapping program, links above for program and Youtube tutorial.)
  • Where to put bills that need to be paid

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